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  • Sycamore Smith "Redux" CD
  • Sycamore Smith "Redux" CD

Sycamore Smith "Redux" CD


Sycamore Smith's collection of EP's plus two previously unreleased tracks, entitled, "Redux".  Released November, 22nd through Pentimento Music Co. All lyrics can be found here

Track Listing:
1. Sickdom
2. Loosen The Soup
3. Cock On a Rose
4. Threeways
5. Bastogne
6. Up To My Earballs
7. The Antler Pile
8. The Brothers Ape
9. The Gigolo Magician
10. Abigail Crow
11. The Windy, Windy Night
12. The Bounce, The Bulge and The Ball
13. Rosie Every Day Of The Week
14. The Figmoron Tree
15. The Honey Creeper
16. The Devil's Red Glare
17. The Man With The Skeleton Arms
18. The Reaper's Favor
19. The Censored Sailor
20. True Love Ain't For You, Love
21. The Congress Of The Obsidian Eels
22. Hokum All Ye Faithful
23. This Here Finger
24. Randy On The Range


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